Meet the Ladies Team!

Queen of pints and hand-offs!

Captain / 8

Leanne Omar

Happy to play in any position she's asked unless your name is Craig Young!

Vice-Captain / Centre

Hayley Ross

Born too far in the north, can often be found with her arm up a sheep's arse and covered in cow sh*t.

Second row

Holly Wilson

An angry lil turtle all about odd shaped balls


Angel Lynch

Being a lightweight is not only handy for being lifted in line outs but it also makes for a cheaper night out. 

Flanker/ Winger

Brianna Baxter

I have cankles, half a front tooth and break noses with my hip.


Morgan Nisbet

Victim of Morgan's hip. 


Chloe Pounder

-"Just here for the beers!"

Scrum half / Full back

Suzie Munro

Bulgarian beast with broken knees.

Hooker/ Prop

Ekaterina Todorova

Rugby, Game of Thrones & Calimochos...

Flanker/ Back

Hayley Norton

What I lack in knowledge and skill I make up for in bruises and competitiveness!

Scrum half / Back

Victoria Fenton

Got lost on the M6, ended up in Edinburgh. New to rugby but giving it a 'TRY'!

13 / winger

Lucy Panes

Lightweight and fast like a Whippet.

Flanker/ 10 / Full back

Lucy McFayden

Water shots. Chips. Cheese. & Mayo.


Rachel Smith

Edinburgh born and bred and often found with a dark fruits in hand.


Sophie Cunningham

"Sorry, sorry, sorry."

Prop/ Hooker

Aasiyah Pantankar

The first try she ever scored was for Liberton. 


Ruth Tolton

New to rugby but giving it a go.


Rebecca Sorensen

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