Meet the Ladies Team!

Leanne Omar

Captain / 8

Queen of pints and hand-offs!

Hayley Ross

Vice-Captain / Centre

Happy to play in any position she's asked unless your name is Craig Young!

Holly Wilson

Second row

Born too far in the north, can often be found with her arm up a sheep's arse and covered in cow sh*t.

Angel Lynch


An angry lil turtle all about odd shaped balls

Brianna Baxter

Flanker/ Winger

Being a lightweight is not only handy for being lifted in line outs but it also makes for a cheaper night out. 

Morgan Nisbet


I have cankles, half a front tooth and break noses with my hip.

Chloe Pounder


Victim of Morgan's hip. 

Suzie Munro

Scrum half / Full back

-"Just here for the beers!"

Ekaterina Todorova

Hooker/ Prop

Bulgarian beast with broken knees.

Hayley Norton

Flanker/ Back

Rugby, Game of Thrones & Calimochos...

Victoria Fenton

Scrum half / Back

What I lack in knowledge and skill I make up for in bruises and competitiveness!

Lucy Panes

13 / winger

Got lost on the M6, ended up in Edinburgh. New to rugby but giving it a 'TRY'!

Lucy McFayden

Flanker/ 10 / Full back

Lightweight and fast like a Whippet.

Rachel Smith


Water shots. Chips. Cheese. & Mayo.

Sophie Cunningham


Edinburgh born and bred and often found with a dark fruits in hand.

Aasiyah Pantankar

Prop/ Hooker

"Sorry, sorry, sorry."

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