Meet our Men's Team

Ally Hyland

El Capitan 


"Inspirational leader"

Spice up your life with

some Ginger Spice.

Zach Finney



Never a scrum half, heavier, fatter and uglier than the whole front row.

Andy Dodd

Second Row/ 7s Captain

Warning! Do not leave in direct sunlight.

Jack Thomson

Versatile 2nd row

Attractive, Majestic, Versatile 2nd row that decided to give 12 a try. Man of steel 2019. 2 year veteran. AKA Thor, Jesus, the one and the only.

Michael Steel

Prop thats meant to be retired

Been at the club for so long I can't remember. Started on the wing, then centre and now prop who is meant to be retired. Vice Capt, Captain and now vice president. Only one daft enough to get the club tattoo.

Johnny Clipston

Team player

Libby's vicar. 

Michael De Luca


Breaking personal bests on the pitch and girls teeth off the pitch

Elliot Dennick


An English alcoholic gardener.

David Dyce


Resident go go dancer

Adam Ford


Blue balls. 

Scott Buchan


Cant run, wont run. 

Nathaniel James


They call me Flash, but I'm not the saviour of the universe.... or am I?!

Euan Oswald

Second row

Prop, I mean Lock.

Oliver Partner


Looks Welsh, sounds Scouse, smelliest farts alive. 

Matthew Reilly


The forgotten Weasley...

Colin Scott

Inside centre

Been at the club since the dark days, seen promotion and relegation. Libby is in my blood. May be the "fattest back" but definitely a 12!

Iain Struthers


"Did you know I went to St.Andrews Uni?"

-Iain Struthers aka Smithers

Rhys Taylor


Legs of a body builder and the height of an oompa-loompa.

Sam Wynn

Second row


Big Friendly Ginger

James Ledingham

Front row

Should probably be back row but I like McDonald's and beers too much to do anything about it.

Martin Lea


Decided to try rugby at 45 after 3 heart attacks! Love the club and am the shorted player by a mile! Apparently am hooker but play wherever I'm told.

Alex Moriarty

Scrum half

Golden Oldie. No pace, cant'pass but will always stop Ally from scoring.

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